How much weight can each So-Crates™ hold?

So-Crates™ are meant to carry fruit and produce. It is not meant to be a carrier for canned or bottled goods. However, a wine bottle with some bread, fruit and crackers is just fine.  :)

 It is not advised to stack more than three (3) So-Crates™ at a time.

Will it accommodate any travel wheelie cart?

The size of the So-Crates™ is a standard size crate that will sit comfortably at the bottom of most travel wheelie carts.  


How do the So-Crates™ stack on one another?

Each So-Crates™ is designed with notches and feet. The feet rest inside the notch upon stacking.  There is a cover for the top So-Crate™ only. It can be removed when stacking multiple So-Crates™ and attach to the top So-Crates™ when ready to use.

Is this an American made product?

I am proud to say that this product is 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.

This is a design patented product